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BanqIn is proud to partner Gojo & Company to roll-out digital banking for Micro-Finance Institutions

BanqIn has entered into a master agreement with Gojo & Company (Japan) to facilitate and transform the digital experience for Gojo & Company’s wide network of microfinance institutions with its all-in-one digital platform.

This agreement marks a significant milestone in the journey toward enabling more unbanked communities to become part of the financial ecosystem at scale.

Since 2014, Gojo & Company has been at the forefront of extending financial inclusion for greater social impact across Asia. Gojo encourages the formalisation and growth of microfinance institutions to empower and serve the aspirations of vulnerable communities. Their mission is closely aligned with BanqIn’s mission to make finance fair for all. BanqIn, a financial inclusion product of Singapore-based company Bank-Genie, aims to enable microfinance institutions to transform their legacy practices and drive greater efficiencies and effectiveness with its technologically advanced solution. This will allow for wider reach in remote areas to bring unbanked people into the fold.

“With Gojo & Company’s wide network and our technology we hope to better the future of many individuals and enterprises. We are truly grateful to Gojo & Company for placing their confidence in us and we are very excited to collaborate and deliver comprehensive results for greater impact.” Says Ram Sharma, CEO of Bank-Genie.
This sentiment is shared by Gojo’s CEO and Founder, Taejun Shin, who says, “Our sole purpose remains the upliftment of the poor and we know technology can play a pivotal role in accelerating the process. With BanqIn, we have found the right partner and our shared vision is very well aligned.”

BanqIn will begin implementing its technology with the first set of microfinance institutions and progressively serve the needs across Gojo’s network.

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