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Bank-Genie is an award-winning, SIngapore registered software company with over 200 clients across the world; enabling banks to deliver great experiences for their customers. Bank Genie's innovative technology allows banks to grow whilst reducing costs to compete

Digital Lobby Management

Better Front Office Management

Intercepting Inefficiencies Creating Better Time Management

Digital Lobby Management regulates queue management systems inside a bank branch. A TV screen displays the queue number of the customers to be served and if a transaction takes more than two minutes, a supervisor takes over.

Genie-Q_Smart Queue Management.png


Develops more efficient systems to reduce customer waiting time



Enables customers to get their queue number without any outside interference

Genie-Q_Pre-Booking of Appointments.png


Lets banking customers book an appointment in advance


Increases Branch Productivity


Since supervisors are tasked to take over a transaction if it takes more than two minutes, bank staff are more likely to work efficiently.


Increases Customer Satisfaction


With Digital Lobby Management, customers can ensure they are served in a timely manner.


Reduce In-Branch Queues 


Since customers can pre-book transactions, they can go to the branch only when it’s their turn.

Why Digital Lobby Management?

With Digital Lobby Management, banks can track the efficiency of their tellers. This boosts a bank branch’s productivity as it ensures that customers are served in a timely and efficient manner.

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