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Be with where the customers are. Become invisible with your banking. Bank Genie can augment banks with technologically appropriate solutions, literally anywhere-at any time- to create the best possible customer experience.


Intercepting Time and Space

Creating A World of Banking without Boundaries of Space and Time

Bank-Genie drives what we call ‘Interceptive Banking Experiences’.

It intercepts space by allowing the emergence of digital banking experiences in places far and remote. Bank-Genie fulfils branchless banking and remote delivery of its banking products. It intercepts time by making every banking interactions quicker, faster and easier.


Moreover, it makes these interceptive technologies personalised and customised with user-friendly interfaces and experiences helping banks build relationships with their customers. 

Turning Moments of Truth Into Moments of Magic

Banking processes traditionally come with several issues - Manual paperwork, errors, data validation, approval processes, identity verification, staff efficiency, costs of branch creation and implementation, data capture etc. Bank-Genie's technologies play a pivotal role in dispelling these issues and transforming every touchpoint quickly and efficiently.


In banking, there is a persistent sense of anxiety felt by customers of banks. They are often overwhelmed by their finances or financial processes. This somewhat tempered relationship between people and their money needs to be fixed. Technology has allowed for infrastructure to be turned into services with experiences that do not compromise on the human element - be it in-branch or out-of-branch. Bank-Genie's technological solutions allow consumers to get closer to banks and ease this anxiety and turn it into delight, empowerment and control.

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