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Bank-Genie - Be with where the customers are. Become invisible with your banking. Bank Genie can augment banks with technologically appropriate solutions, literally anywhere-at any time- to create the best possible customer experience.


Short Deployment Timelines

From 30 days to 90 days.

Our solutions are designed to minimise the time needed to deploy and implement. Depending on the Customer Operating Model Complexity, the time taken from contract signing to being live could take as few as 30 days.

Remote Implementation Technology

Our Remote Implementation Technology (RIT) enables us to scale enterprise executions with 100% remote deployment or then with minimal in-person interaction.

The implementation comprises API’s that are standard and completely configurable.

It allows for the automatic generation of API’s using Data Element Mapping Tools.

Rich tooling and templates enable information exchange to speed up during deployment and post-production. The tools include:

  • Information exchange and reviews

  • Master data and parameter set up

  • Online and Real-Time operational dashboards and reports

Being a pure-play product, 70- 80% features are interface ready with most well-known core banking systems, thereby needing minimal customisation. Moreover, our parameter settings can handle majority of the changes requested.

Deployment Options

  • On-Premises

  • Cloud: Private

  • Public: Azure & AWS


License, Implementation Support







SaaS – Single/Multi Tennent


Basis of Pricing for Opex


Active Accounts


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