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Financial Inclusion

Making Finance

Fair For All

Rooted in a purpose-driven objective to make finance fair for everyone, Bank- Genie has products that serve the unbanked and underbanked communities of the world.

Intercepting Inequalities > Driving Opportunities 

For financial institutions looking to increase reach and productivity, driving efficiencies and reducing risks, the Bank- Genie suite of products can enable and empower the lives of billions around the world.

BanqIn is an instant all-in-one comprehensive banking platform for micro-finance institutions, credit unions, rural and thrift banks to reach those who remain unbanked. BanqIn reduces risks, increases productivity, and extends reach to the unbanked to unlock the financial opportunities for its customers.


Comprising of Digital Front End and Core-Banking — GL & Accounting for Microfinance & Rural Banks


Deposits & Withdrawals, Loan Creation, Bill Payments, Fund Transfers 


Onboards customers and creates new customer accounts 


Widen Customer Reach


Onboarding and customer account creation can be done easily — allowing financial institutions to reach customers wherever they may be. 


Employee Management


With BanqIn, easy onboarding of all bank employees from tellers, cashiers, officers and loan agents is possible. 


Promote Financial Inclusion


BanqIn is committed to empowering financial institutions with the most cost-efficient, accessible, and comprehensive banking platform.


Get Digital Instantly


Financial institutions can move from paper processes to a complete all-in-one digital platform that has everything they need for employee management to customer account creation.

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With its easy-to-use functionality, BanqIn reduces the time and costs that are taken from that of traditional operations. BanqIn also helps reach the unbanked, therefore promoting financial inclusion in the world. 

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