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Mobile Check Deposits: Furthering Convenience and Innovation in Philippine Banking

Updated: Jun 30, 2020


Philippine Savings Bank, commonly known as PSBank, has 250 branches in the Philippines and is headquartered in Makati, Metro Manila. Founded in 1960, PSBank is a subsidiary of Metrobank and is the second-largest savings bank in the country. PSBank prides itself in its accessibility, convenience, and quality of service as it continues to offer innovative banking products and services.


Depositing a check manually has posed some challenges for both the customers and the bank. On the customers’ side, it was an inconvenience for them to have to go to a bank branch every time they needed to deposit a check. Travelling to a bank just for this transaction can also prove costly and time-consuming. Meanwhile, the bank faces overcrowding, long queue, and wait time inside a branch due to customers not having a choice but to deposit their checks manually. Each check deposit requires the bank tellers to process them. This process is operationally inefficient, leading to overworked staff and results that are prone to human error.

Goals of the Project

  • To set up a convenient way for customers to deposit checks anytime and anywhere. 

  • To reduce foot traffic within bank branches to accommodate more customers with more pressing needs.

  • To improve operational efficiency by implementing a straight through check clearing process by ensuring scanned checks adhered to the IQA set by the Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC).


PSBank selected Bank-Genie’s Genie-Check, a product that is a part of the company’s Digital Transformation Products. Genie-Check makes it possible for banking customers to scan and deposit a check instantly. Its key functionalities include Digital Check Deposit via Mobile Device, Capturing of Check Image, Character and MICR Recognition, and Straight-Through Processing. By working closely with PSBank to solve the challenges faced by the customers and the bank, Bank-Genie delivered the project within 45 days with a team of three consultants.

What’s in it for clients?

  • Quicker Access to Funds 

  • Convenience of Transaction

  • No More Queuing at Branches 

  • Deposit Anytime and Anywhere

  • No Additional Costs of Travelling to a Bank 

  • Guaranteed Secure Deposit 


Through the digitization of the check clearing process, PSBank became the first local bank in the Philippines to provide a digital check deposit service. The solution continued to position the bank as customer-focused, service-oriented, and innovative in line with its reputation as “The Friendly Bank.”

There was great acceptance of the solution as customers realized the advantages of this innovative solution. These benefits included quicker access to funds as the overall time for checks to be processed was reduced. Customers also noticed shorter queues in branches for their other transactions.

Meanwhile, the bank reduced the overall workload in branches. Branch tellers were more effective in servicing their customers. Staff could then be focused on other tasks or be redeployed. The bank also benefited from adopting an eco-friendly approach as the use of printed paper slips in check deposit transactions was eliminated. With this paperless transaction, operational layers and costs were reduced as well as the risk for human errors in the handling of checks.

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