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Bridging the Digital Gap

Before the pandemic, digital transformation was an evolving story in a bank’s future journey. Since the pandemic, it has turned into a revolutionary requirement. Banks have recognised a heightened need to be digitally active.

Digital actions are required for the safety of customers and staff in the context of the pandemic. Besides, other aspects also need further acceleration- Be it for driving access. For the security of transactions. For improving cost efficiencies. For increasing operational efficiencies. For enhancing scalability. For driving sustainability. For better data management. The gaps that had already existed saw a greater need to be filled and quickly. Banking technologies like Bank-Genie enable banks in this reinvention of the banking experience.

Bank-Customer Relationship is Central To Growth

Hybrid engagement through the omnichannel experience is going to be important moving forward. Banks will need to continually build customer relationships besides raising the efficiencies of transactional capabilities. The bank-customer relationship will be central to growth. Bank-Genie sees its role as an enabler of that banking experience. It brings digital and physical experiences to follow the bank's customer across channels seamlessly from their device at home to the branch and everything in between. From mobile to a kiosk, to agency banking or physical banking. It also recognises the importance of face-to-face banking either with video banking or then its queue management system. Bank-Genie, with its complete 360-degree platform or modular approach of individual products, is built to be agile, resilient, and secure.

Flexibility and Quick Deployment

With flexible and quick deployment options that are integrated seamlessly into a banks system, a bank can expand its reach easily and at pace. Moreso, implementation can be done remotely or with minimal face to face interaction. By being open, flexible and upgradable in real-time, Bank-Genie continues to bridge the gap in the banking experience with technology that builds the relational and transactional landscape in banking.

With deep expertise in technology, fintech and software development, Bank-Genie is committed to being a digital transformation partner for financial institutions. Bank-Genie designs, develops and deploys cutting edge technology platforms that enable banks to offer a superior customer experience.

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