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The 360-Degree Way with the Customer at the Center

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

There is the idea of a post COVID world and there is a reality of living with COVID

With the first approach, it sees COVID ending, in the second, it sees it as an endemic. One clearly hopes for the former but knows one must begin to live with the latter.

In the world of banking the pandemic had disrupted the banking process at one level but at another level accelerated change that ordinarily would have taken a few more years to come about. Heightened digitisation efforts by Banks, be it to reduce footfall, increase social distancing, replace face-to-face interactions, build real-time digitalisation, scale network, increase the use of AI technologies, and embed analytics was and is in turbo mode.

This transformation has significantly helped in reducing risk and increase banking efficiency to better serve customers. In many cases, banks have embraced digital change fully to pivot the banking experience.

Living with COVID as a reality, also means the adjustment banks make to their service. They have to consider the attitudes and behaviour of their customers and take them with them through the digitisation process. To do this, it must have a 360-degree view of the customer and as a result, provide a 360-degree experience to match. This is possible with a multichannel and cross channel delivery of services that combines both human and digital engagement.

Bank-Genie provides a platform where one solution can meet the customer at various touch-points. It can engage with the customers through both the digital and physical channels and create a seamless and consistent experience for the bank’s customers.

For example, if a customer wants to open a bank account the customer with Bank-Genie’s platform onboard either through the mobile or online channel, through agency banking, through a kiosk or even use the Q management system at a physical branch. The choice of the way one banks is with the customer easing the customer journey.

By lightening the load of the bank and easing the banking experience, Bank-Genie offers Banks the opportunity to be ‘everywhere’. In other words, be where the customer is. Customer-centricity is at the heart of every banking experience and by optimising the digital journey and customising the experience, Bank-Genie’s 360-degree platform harmonises the banks side and the customers side of the banking journey.

With a suite of products; efficient integration capabilities; remotely implementable products; real-time software updates; scalable to multiple branches and nodes and low bandwidth transmission capabilities, Bank-Genie, an award-winning company, provides a 360-degree platform for a 360-degree experience.

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