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Uninterrupted Banking with Bank-Genie

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Digital banking technology is evolving, and it’s making banking easier and more accessible. With digitization on the rise, it’s about time financial institutions hop on these latest trends in banking technology to better serve their customers. The need for this can be felt more so than ever since we’re amidst a global pandemic wherein social distancing has become the norm and going to a bank branch can prove risky to our health. Because of our current situation, how we conduct transactions should be reimagined. Now, the demand for digital banking services is greater than ever to ensure the safety of all.

This is where we at Bank-Genie can help. We provide solutions to help the banking industry continue business during this difficult time. To ensure that banking staff and customers are safe, we have a suite of products that can drive digital transformation in transactions. Through our products, financial institutions can rest assure that social distancing is being practiced while business continues as usual with mobile banking technologies.

Bank-Genie’s Digital Transformation Products

Traditional banking expects the customer to go to a bank to conduct transactions with a bank staff. While some bank branches are still open during this time, our current situation discourages going out unless it’s absolutely necessary. To make sure banking operations remain uninterrupted, Bank-Genie’s Digital Transformation Products are designed to be used by banking customers on their own — making transactions easier and possible to do inside the safety of their homes.

The following products require minimal intervention and can be integrated into the mobile application of a bank.

Genie-Onboard allows customers to digitally sign-up and open a bank account through their own mobile devices. This eliminates lengthy exchanges between a bank and their customer and simplifies documentation requirements.

Genie-Video Branch allows customers to engage in a live face to face video chat with a bank staff. Instant customer service is guaranteed without losing its personal touch.

Genie-Branch allows customers to perform a wide range of transactions on their mobile device's remote banking app. Banking services can be done at the convenience of the customer through mobile banking.

Genie-Check allows customers to deposit a check by capturing its details using their own mobile device. It is a self-service remote check deposit solution that digitizes processing of checks.

Clients and associates need not worry about the team traveling and exposing themselves to risk during the installation of these products because these can be deployed remotely using our Remote Implementation Technology (RIT). Once deployed, these products promise to make transactions easier and more efficient for both the bank and the customer. By proving that banking need not stop in this trying time, financial institutions can build better and trusting relationships with their customers.

The coronavirus pandemic may have interrupted our lives, but banking can remain uninterrupted with Bank-Genie.

About Bank-Genie

Bank-Genie Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company incorporated in 2016. For banks and financial institutions who are driving towards digital transformation, Bank-Genie is a future-focused technology partner that helps enrichen the banking experience.

Bank-Genie has a proven record across markets of Asia and Africa with its Interceptive Banking Technology. Bank-Genie Pte Ltd is funded by SBI Ven Capital Pte Ltd and FMO, the Dutch Development Bank.

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