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Why Bank-Genie

Explore opportunities to take your career to the next level.

In this dynamic environment of digital transformation we are always looking for people, be it a student, graduate or experienced professionals to make an impact at Bank-Genie.

At Bank-Genie we strive to build a culture of growth, inspiration and innovation where you can thrive.
Do get in touch if you wish to be a part of a growing organisation.


Naveen Kumar T

Web Developer

I am passionate in software! Given this opportunity to work with the team in Bank-Genie since 2015, has proven to be a wonderful experience. Bank-Genie’s product line was aligned to my interest in the banking and finance industry domain. I wanted improve my knowledge in this area because of the tremendous transformation that continues to happen in the banking world.

I have been a part of several challenging projects which has tested my capabilities, my resilience and my self-confidence. For these opportunities, I am grateful to the management of Bank-Genie who trusted and support me believing in my capabilities and potential to succeed.


Deepak MD

Web Developer

Spending the last 4 years with Bank-Genie, I have been given so many opportunities to growth in my knowledge and experience. In particular, opportunities accorded to me at the client’s side, has helped me to explore and learn more about myself and what I am capable of when given the chance to demonstrate my potential.

Through those experiences, I have learnt the importance of teamwork. I have been fortunate to surrounded by such great individuals who really cares and were generous to share their knowledge in an amazing environment that allows every individual the freedom to express themselves and values each members’ talent.


Vinay D

Web Developer

Since I’ve been here from the inception of Bank-Genie and have witnessed this dynamic company’s constant and tremendous growth. The environment drives me to do what it takes to be the best. Yet, my favourite thing about Bank-Genie is the sense of teamwork we share and recognition that we receive for the hard work that we put in. In this supportive environment where colleagues work closely and harmoniously together, I am inspired by those around me and truly honoured to be a part of the company’s journey.

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